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In the high-speed, visually dynamic world of motorsport, making your brand stand out is as crucial as the performance on the track. For teams and sponsors alike, motorsport offers a unique platform to showcase their brand. At Harlequin Teamwear, we specialise in creating custom teamwear that not only looks professional but also maximises brand exposure. Here are our top tips for effectively using teamwear for brand visibility in motorsport.

1. Strategic Logo Placement


On the Move Visibility: In motorsport, the key is to place logos where they are most visible when the team is on the move. Ideal locations include the chest, back, and shoulders of teamwear, as well as caps and helmets.

Camera-Friendly Spots: Consider where cameras often focus during a race or in the pit. Placing logos on the upper chest, sleeves, and the back ensures visibility during interviews and broadcasts.

2. Colour Choices that Pop


Contrast is Key: Choose colours that contrast well with the teamwear base colour. For instance, bright logos on darker backgrounds ensure the brand stands out.

Consistency Across Gear: Maintain colour consistency across all teamwear, including race suits, pit crew uniforms, and casual wear. This creates a cohesive and professional look.

3. Incorporating Sponsor Logos


Balancing Act: When incorporating multiple sponsor logos, balance is essential. Arrange logos in a way that gives each sponsor visibility without overcrowding the teamwear.

Size Matters: Prioritise primary sponsors with larger, more prominent logo placements, while secondary sponsors can have smaller but still visible logos.

4. Quality of Apparel


Durability in the Limelight: High-quality, durable materials ensure that teamwear looks good throughout the season, keeping logos crisp and colours bright.

Comfort Equals Exposure: Comfortable teamwear means that team members are more likely to wear it during various events, increasing brand exposure.

5. Innovative Design Elements


Bold Patterns and Graphics: Use bold patterns and graphic elements to draw attention to the brand. This can set your team apart in a sea of similar-looking uniforms.

Reflective or Metallic Materials: Consider using reflective or metallic materials for logos or accents to catch the light and stand out in different racing conditions.

6. Social Media Integration


Hashtags and Handles: Incorporate social media hashtags or handles into the teamwear design. This encourages brand interaction online and off the track.

Shareable Designs: Create eye-catching designs that encourage photographs and social sharing, further amplifying your brand reach.

7. Versatility for Various Events


Adaptable for Different Settings: Design teamwear that is adaptable for different events, from race days to promotional events. Versatile designs ensure consistent brand exposure across various platforms.

At Harlequin Teamwear, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities in maximising brand visibility in motorsport. Our team of experts is dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality, custom teamwear that makes your brand stand out on and off the track. Contact us to start designing your team’s unique look today.