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At Harlequin Teamwear, we’re recognised as an indisputable market leader in custom racing teamwear within the motorsport community. Our expertise in sublimation and the custom design of teamwear, paired with an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer service, sets us apart. For teams and drivers, custom motorsport teamwear is not just apparel – it’s a powerful expression of branding, identity, and professionalism.


Our team will work with you to produce custom designs which reflect your identity, in any colour combinations and style that you would like.

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We make ordering easy and save the time of your team by creating a dedicated online store for your brand that we manage on your behalf.


Our custom teamwear products are made to order, and we have no minimum quantities. We can make any combination of sizes that you require.

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There’s no set up charges for designs we create, and you can add as many vectorised logos as you require to a design for no added cost.

Sublimated Teamwear Benefits

Promoting Teams and Sponsors

Our sublimated teamwear is ideal for prominently showcasing team logos and sponsor brands. The logos are vividly embedded within the fabric, adding no extra weight or cost. They remain sharp and resistant to peeling, fading, or cracking, unlike traditional garment customisation methods.

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High-Performance Fabrics

Meeting the Rigorous Demands of Racing

We ensure the use of only high-performance fabrics. Each garment is tailored to withstand the demanding conditions trackside. Harlequin’s commitment to excellence reinforces our status as a trusted provider of high-quality motorsport apparel in the racing community.

Collaborative on the Design Process

Active Client Participation

At Harlequin, we believe in collaborative design. We invite teams to actively engage in creating their custom apparel. Our responsive, detail-oriented, and transparent communication ensures the final product exceeds motorsport teams’ expectations.

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Efficient and Quick Turnaround

Geared for the Fast-Paced Motorsport World

Understanding the urgent nature of motorsport, our processes are streamlined for efficiency. We offer quick turnaround times of approximately 5 weeks for high-quality teamwear, enabling teams to be race-ready in no time.

Innovation and Sustainability

Leading with Innovation

Our leadership in motorsport apparel is sustained by constant innovation. Embracing emerging technologies and understanding the unique needs of motorsport teams, we now offer sublimated t-shirts and polo shirts made from recycled polyester, staying ahead in both style and sustainability.

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Excellent Quality

Josh Stanton Racing were looking for a clothing supplier to provide our race team clothing that complemented the Porsche profile. Harlequin Teamwear, we found were that company who were able to deliver a design and supply a variant of clothing garments to fit the team mechanics and sponsors. They did this with excellent service, on time deliveries and fantastic quality products. Highly recommended

Rob Stanton

Josh Stanton Racing

Full process was seamless…

From initial contact to our workwear arriving the full process was seamless.

Thank you to the team at Harlequin for the professional and top quality products. We will be back again soon with another order.

Matthew Gilliland

Custom Storage Solutions Ltd

Amazing from start to finish

From start to finish the team at Harlequin Teamwear were amazing. I run a charity in the UK and approached them about producing some running/event t-shirts for our supporters.

They responded quickly to every email I sent, answered all of my questions and produced some incredible quality technical t-shirts at a great price.

Scott Hutchings


Great People, Great Partners, Great Service

The team at Harlequin have made a fundamental difference to our programme this year. We know we are viewed truly as a partner rather than a customer by them, and helped our team make a step forward in terms of look, style and design. Their service is exemplary with nothing being too much to ask. We’re proud to work with them and we look to support each other in continuing to grow our partnership.

Alex Watts

MB Partners

Fantastic experience working with Harlequin Teamwear

They are responsive, reliable and provide quality products. Their expert team really understood what I wanted and came up with the perfect solution. I would highly recommend Harlequin and will continue to recommend them to my clients. A1 service – I couldn’t be happier!

Mark Priddy

Spindrift Media

Custom motorsport Teamwear Products

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Polo Shirts 

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Quarter Zip Midlayers 

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Tracksuit Tops


Padded Gilets

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Softshell Jackets

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Puffer Jackets 

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Waterproof Jackets

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Baseball Caps 

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Bobble Hats 

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Bucket Hats



What makes Harlequin Teamwear stand out in the motorsport apparel industry?

Harlequin Teamwear is recognized for its expertise in sublimation and custom design of teamwear. Our approach ensures high-quality, durable products with detailed, vivid logo reproduction that doesn’t peel, fade, or crack. Our commitment to product quality and customer service positions us as a leader in the market.

Why is sublimated teamwear advantageous for motorsport teams?

Sublimated teamwear is ideal for motorsport teams as it allows for embedding an unlimited number of logos directly into the fabric. This ensures logos are vibrant, detailed, and do not add extra weight or cost. Our sublimation process maintains the integrity and appearance of logos over time, enhancing team and sponsor visibility.

How does Harlequin ensure the quality of its motorsport teamwear?

At Harlequin, we use only high-performance fabrics that meet the rigorous demands of the motorsport environment. Our commitment to excellence and our extensive experience allow us to guide clients in selecting products that fulfil their specific requirements.

Can teams collaborate in the design process of their teamwear?

Absolutely! We encourage teams to actively participate in the design process. Our approach emphasises responsive, detail-oriented, and transparent communication to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

What is the turnaround time for Harlequin's custom teamwear?

Understanding the fast-paced nature of motorsport, we offer efficient turnaround times. Our process allows for the production of high-quality teamwear in approximately 5 weeks, aligning with the dynamic atmosphere of motorsport events.

How does Harlequin Teamwear stay innovative in the motorsport apparel sector?

Our leadership in motorsport apparel is sustained by a commitment to innovation. We embrace emerging technologies and adapt to the unique needs of motorsport teams. Our offerings include advanced options like sublimated t-shirts and polo shirts made from recycled polyester.

What custom design services does Harlequin offer?

Our team collaborates with clients to produce custom designs that reflect their club’s identity. We offer a wide range of colour combinations and styles, with no setup fees and the ability to add numerous vectorised logos at no extra cost.

Does Harlequin provide an easy ordering process for team members?

Yes, we streamline the ordering process by creating a dedicated online store for your club, which we manage on your behalf. This service simplifies the ordering process for team members and saves time for club committees.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Harlequin's custom teamwear?

We have no minimum order requirements. Our products are made to order, allowing for any combination of sizes to meet your team’s needs.

What range of custom teamwear products does Harlequin offer?

Our product range includes T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Quarter Zip Midlayers, Hoodies, Tracksuit Tops, Padded Gilets, Softshell Jackets, Puffer Jackets, Waterproof Jackets, Baseball Caps, Bobble Hats, and Bucket Hats. All these items can be customised to your team’s specifications.


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